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    • Luis Fernández García: registered lawyer No. 496.
    • José Luis Navarro Rosado: registered lawyer No. 2417.
    • Joaquín Fernández Navarro: registered lawyer No. 6369.
    Website of the Board of Solicitors in Málaga:
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    1. The only purpose of the publication of this website is to provide bona fide access for services and information provided hereby. Said information shall not be considered as legal advice by the users connecting to this website. Users shall contact the Board of Solicitors to get information about the professional lawyers accredited in the area. Said information is available for users from Málaga in the Official Board of Solicitors website
    2. The contents are at the public’s disposal and provide the access to the information and services provided by Fernández Navarro Abogados. Law Abogados S.L. is not responsible for any failure to update the information, although they are committed to do everything within their power to ensure that the information provided, especially that of regulatory nature, is updated.
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    Law Abogados S.L. disclaims any responsibility in respect of the information that is both outside and within these pages which is not directly managed by its webmaster, being only liable for the information published directly by Law Abogados S.L. in the website.

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